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Plan for school

Find the right school and prepare to apply.

It’s time to turn ambition into action. 

Whether you’re a first-time or returning student, pursuing a degree or credential is a big step. We’ll help you explore your options and access to resources for schools in Texas. Follow these steps to help you prepare and apply to school. 

Find the right school or program for you

There’s no “best” program or school. Choosing the right program means knowing what matters most to you. 

Types of schools and programs

Understand the difference between traditional colleges, vocational schools, and other specialty programs.

Compare school types
Find the right fit for you

As an adult learner, what you value in a school program may be a bit unique. Here’s what to watch for in your search.

Learn how to search
Use the Program Explorer

Explore programs in Texas based on your preferences, including part-time or full-time, online options, and more.

View programs
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Once the opportunity is clear, it's important to jump on it

“Have a plan, put it together and just keep going for it.” 


Khalil Abdullah  Co-founder and CEO, Decoy Games 

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Consider your past performance

If you’re going back to school as an adult, decide if you want to take advantage of previous credits or start with a clear academic record. 

Transferring previous credits

You worked hard to earn previous course credits—and they can still be valuable. See if you can transfer credits to your new school to minimize costs.

Transfer prior credits
Academic Fresh Start

Texas residents may be able to begin school with a clear academic record if applying to a Texas public college or university as an undergraduate.

Learn how to start fresh

Prepare to apply to school

Applying to school will take some work on your part. But the right plan can keep you on track and making progress. We’ll cover everything you may need, including entrance exams, letters of recommendation, and essays. 

 If you need help along the way, speak with one of our advisors. They’ll make sure you’re taking the right steps at the right time. 

Prepare to apply
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