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Apply to college

Apply to multiple colleges with a single application. 

What is ApplyTexas? 

ApplyTexas is like the Common App, but specifically for Texas schools. You can apply to any Texas public university or community college, and many private universities. On ApplyTexas, you can complete the following tasks: 

  • Apply for admission to any Texas public university or participating community and private colleges. 
  • Apply as an undergraduate, graduate, transfer, visiting (temporary), readmission, or international student. 
  • Submit application essays online. 
  • Apply for scholarships from participating schools. 

Gather what you’ll need 

Before you get ready to start your college application on ApplyTexas, make sure you’ve gathered all the information you’ll need ahead of time.  

Gathering the information in this checklist before beginning an admission application will simplify the process. 

  • Personal information: Social Security number (if applicable), permanent mailing address, city/state/country of birth, phone number, emergency contact information 
  • High school information: Beginning and ending dates for high school and previous college or university you’ve attended, if applicable 
  • Extracurricular information: Details of any extracurricular or volunteer activities and talents, awards, and honors, including dates, description, place of service, and positions held 
  • Test information: Month and year for any official test taken or planned, including ACT, SATⓇ, TOEFL, and IELTS 
  • Senior-year coursework: If you’re applying as a US college freshman, the titles and credit values of high school courses you’re currently taking and will take during your senior year 
  • Previous college credit: The titles, numbers, and credit values of college courses you’re taking or will take before enrolling at the school you apply to (for dual credit, transfer, readmission, and graduate student applicants) 
  • Notarized Texas resident affidavit: If the admissions application indicates you aren’t a U.S. citizen or permanent resident but that you may qualify for residency based on Texas high school graduation, you’ll be prompted to download and submit the Residency Affidavit. The form must be completed, signed, notarized and submitted to the university. 
  • Application fee waiver or form of payment: If you registered and took the SAT or ACT using a fee waiver, you should receive college application fee waivers that you can submit to the colleges as a request to waive the fee. They may ask for additional documentation to approve the fee waiver. Understand that a form payment will be required once you reach the end of the application if you aren’t using an application fee waiver. The average fee for submitting a college application is around $50.  

How to complete your ApplyTexas application  

ApplyTexas scholarship application 

You can use ApplyTexas to submit scholarship applications from participating colleges.  

Before you submit your application, you'll see a separate scholarship application, if available. Scholarship application deadlines often occur before admission application deadlines. Be sure to look those up on the college website.  

Supplemental documents 

If you are applying to a university, you may need letters of recommendation and an essay, any existing college credits, and entrance exams, like the SAT or ACT, to go along with your application.  

You should also check with the school if they have special program requirements, like a portfolio submission.  

Ready to start your application? 

Visit ApplyTexas to learn more, create an account and start your first application.  

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