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Submit multiple applications from one site.

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What is ApplyTexas? 

ApplyTexas is like the CommonApp, but specifically for Texas schools. It makes it easy for students in Texas to apply to more than one college with one application process. On ApplyTexas, you can complete the following tasks: 

  • Apply for admission to any Texas public university or participating community and private colleges 
  • Apply for undergraduate, international, and graduate admission 
  • Submit application essays online 
  • Apply for scholarships from participating schools 

How to complete your ApplyTexas application

Step One: Create your account

Create an account on ApplyTexas. Then, write down the username and password that comes in your confirmation email. 

Step Two: Create your profile

Enter your personal demographic information, as well as your educational history. Include the high school and any colleges you’ve attended (if applicable). 

Step Three: Begin your application

Select either “4-year university undergraduate admissions application” or “2-year college admissions application.”  

After choosing the type of application, select your target university or college (the school you are applying to). Also choose between a freshman or transfer application. If you already have college credits, check with the school you’re applying to for their transfer requirements. 

Complete this step for each Texas school you want to apply to. Thankfully, you can use your earlier application so that you don’t have to re-enter every piece of information. 

Step Four: Enter extracurricular and employment information

Some universities will have a section to enter extracurricular and employment information. Remember, be very thorough in this section and include all activities. 

Step Five: Answer supplementary questions from the college

At the end of the application, there may be a section for you to answer college-specific questions. 

Applying for scholarships with ApplyTexas

You can use ApplyTexas to submit scholarship applications from participating colleges.  

After applying, you'll see a separate scholarship application, if available. Scholarship application deadlines often occur before admission application deadlines. Be sure to look those up on the college website.  

Supplemental Documents

If you are applying to a university, you may need letters of recommendation and an essay and entrance exams, like the SAT or ACT, to go along with your application.  

Letters of recommendation and essays 

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Entrance exams

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