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Let's build your future

Whether you want to go back to school or advance your career, My Texas Future shows you what’s possible as well as how to achieve it. Find tools, resources, and advisor support specific to students just like you.

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Take our career quiz to find and compare career options based on your interests, skills, and other factors.

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Search for and compare careers by location, earnings, related skills, and credentials.

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Plan for school

Many factors go into choosing the right program and school. And for every person, it’s a little different. We’ll help you decide what matters most to you. Then, you can move forward with a solid plan to reach your goals.

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Planning for school

It’s okay to take time and explore

Don’t be afraid to switch careers at any time during your journey. There’s never a clear path in the journey of life.

— Jasmine Thorton, Respiratory Therapist

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Find ways to help pay

Paying for school may seem daunting, but a little expert advice and personal assistance goes a long way. Learn about your options and then speak with an advisor before you decide.

Explore ways to pay
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Paying for school

From GED to computer science degree

I had an untraditional path to college. I got my GED. Went into the army. When I got out, I had a business and needed a website. That’s how I started in computer programming and eventually earned my bachelor’s degree.

— Adrian Rodriguez, Software Engineer

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Navigate your career with confidence

Whether your goal is to change careers, get promoted, or to find your first job out of school, get the tools you need to make your career goals a reality.

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Navigating your career

Prepare yourself to achieve that dream

Opportunities aren’t always going to knock on the door you have to go look. It’s about wanting, knowing, and preparing yourself to get that prize or that dream.

— Lisa Legohn, Master Welder

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Featured resources

A person in Army fatigues sitting in front of a purple door. Their hands are clasped in front of them, and they look straight into the camera.
Tuition assistance for military affiliates

Both the Department of Veteran Affairs and the State of Texas offer education benefits for military members and former members—including tuition assistance. Explore options for service members, veterans, and qualified family members.

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Hands of a person wearing a red and blue plaid shirt. Person is sitting at a desk in front of a laptop with a book open and appear to be gesticulating with their hands as if talking.
Texas schools with online degrees

Whether you want an online or blended learning program, this tool helps you narrow down your search.

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Desk with a sheet of blank paper in the middle surrounded by a calculator, pen, and 6 paperclips
Compare costs for Texas schools

Start your planning by exploring the costs of tuition, room and board, books, and transportation for all Texas schools.

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Graduation ceremony with a zoomed in view of students arms throwing blue caps with orange tassels into the air

Apply to many different Texas schools by completing a single application.

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A smiling person with medium-length brown hair and an orange sweater stands next to a standing desk in an office. Their elbow rests on the table near an opened laptop computer
Academic Fresh Start

You may be in a different situation today than you were when you started college. Learn how you can start over with a clear academic record when applying to a Texas school.

Learn more