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Advance your career

There are many benefits of additional learning to grow your career, including better pay, promotion, and more job opportunities. Let’s review a few paths you can take for your professional development.

Find the right program for your career goals

Our Program Explorer can help you find schools with the degree or certificate you’re after.

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“Never stop looking for your passion. Don’t be afraid. Be curious. Explore to find what you like.”

Lisa Legohn

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Skill building through your employer or online courses

Skill building is a terrific way for on-the-job professionals to get the skills you need outside of the workday. Plus, courses are plentiful on a variety of subjects, from public speaking to PowerPoint to search engine marketing and beyond.

But where should you look to find these classes?

Your employer
Many companies have resources to help employees get the skills they need. Your employer may have required courses or training for your role. But they may offer even more courses, training, or materials. Start by asking Human Resources or your supervisor.

Online learning sites
Online learning sites offer a range of courses that cover everything from technical training to soft skills. These sites have both free and paid courses. Some popular online learning sites include:

Tip: Your employer may have a partnership with certain online learning sites. Be sure to ask if courses from these sites are available for free or for a discount.

Earning professional certificates or licenses

Certificates and licenses show that you have knowledge and expertise in a specific area. Often, you must pass an exam or standardized test to ensure that you have specific knowledge. You may be able to pass the exam now or you may need to take classes to help you prepare.

Professions that need certifications include accounting, computer programmers, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), construction, and many others. Certifications help you highlight your skills, such as having a certificate in human resources, program management, or certain software.

Online learning sites offer A license almost always requires that you take and pass a standardized test. Professions that need licenses include healthcare, accounting, aviation, legal, and social services, among others.

Pursuing a degree with a college or university

Getting, or finishing, a degree, whether a bachelor’s, graduate, or postgraduate, is another vehicle to advance your career. It also may, but not always, enhance your earning potential. What’s more, there’s a variety of flexible and affordable ways to earn a degree—including online, night, and self-paced classes.

Curious if a degree is worth it? Use our Career Explorer to see the best path to achieving your dream career. We’ll show earning potential, degree or certificate requirements, and the projected outlook in your area.

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